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We feel

the pain

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We are "operator investors" who help founders grow into unicorn valuations & beyond

Backed by
Scott Clark
The Modern Enterprise Platform for AI Testing
Matt McKinney & Shaosu Liu
Simplifying logistics payments
Prajit Nanu
Delivering the global payments infrastructure of tomorrow
Itai Damti & Doron Somech
Simple and powerful embedded finance platform


Operator Stack is an early-stage technology fund & operator network with over 200 LPs & top-tier technology operators in our network. We invest across Logistics / Supply Chain, FinTech, & B2B SaaS. We feel the pain points directly as operators, and we back the best startups who are solving them.



matt doka
Matt Doka

Co-Founder & CTO Fivestars Sold to SumUp ($317M, Oct ‘21)

Building (0 → 1) / Tech Infrastructure / GTM

daniel kennedy
Daniel Kennedy

Head of Corp Dev @ Yelp

Strategy, Partnerships, Finance, Fundraising, M&A, GTM

raj subbiah
Raj Subbiah

Head of Product @ Uber Freight

Product, Data Science & Design

How we help

We invest because we love it, & truly enjoy helping founders at the most pivotal moments in their lives. We have 40+ years of collective operating experience across biz, product & tech at top tier companies, with multiple exits. Some examples of questions we've tackled with our founders include:

What's the strongest cross platform mobile app framework?
What's the optimal Finance stack for a Seed-stage company?
What's the right GTM strategy / sales motion for an early-stage SaaS business selling into Mid Market freight brokers?
How should I think about incentive comp across the sales org?
What are the best negotiated rates at each spend level with AWS, Azure and GCP?
What's the best current devops and data engineering platform / stack?
What's the right way to think about obtaining a warehouse lending facility, and what are some of the key considerations?
How should we optimize our fundraising process given our lead investor wants to take the large majority of the round?
Who are some of the better sponsor banks?
Should we partner with a BaaS provider, or partner with best-in-class providers across the card issuing stack?"